Saturday, 12 August 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW - Animal Cruelty edition 12/8/2017

The Shrieks From Below Podcast Show,  as played on Core of Destruction Radio each Saturday @ 2pm cst/3pm est, 9pm cet and 8pm UK.

This week its the 'Animal Cruelty' Edition, and with the name of some of the bands playing today, you can bet that this show is going to be HEAVY.

Band Order:

Sealclubber - "Sludge punk based in the Black Country UK"

Dogkickedinhalf - "Creating a powerful blend of vintage riffs mixed with sludge metal. The dog became active in the Northwest gigging scene in 2008, supporting bands such as Electrozombies, Lazarus Blackstar and Gruel.

Chimpgrinder - " Outerspace. Apes. Lethal Nurses.Sagittarius A* Bass. Walls of Orange. Mountains of Sunn. Primal Beats. Doom Poetry. Urban Vegetation. Rusted Metals.

Abbotoir - "Autotelic Sentinence. Ultimate Cessation

Bear Punch - " Is a rock/stoner rock band from Belgium"

Pig Destroyer - " Boil metal down to its muscle, sinew and bone. Razor sharp guitar, percussive pummelling, and a lone, stark howl, and use them to commit a vicious assault. The lyrics paint loathsome, frightening images of pitch black self hatred and the frailty of the human experience.

Blasted Goat - " An orchestra of stampeding goats. Started in the summer of  2010, bringing mindless headbanging to the masses since then." Atlanta, Georgia

Owlcrusher - " 3piece playing hateful, rotten, evil sludge since 2008. Banbridge, UK

Cobrajab - " Formed in 2012/13 Cobrajab are a heavy rock band from Oklahoma City. Enduring numerous line up changes and a handful of deaths, they have continued to be rejected by venues and promoters nationwide". Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Horseburner - "Stoner metal, sludge, doom, call it what you will, Horseburner  creates riff heavy rock 'n' roll to shake your insides." Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The Stoned Horses - "Much influenced by the stoner, doom, progressive and psychedelic bands, the sound of The Stoned Horses is very fuzzy, heavy and bewitching" Quebec, Quebec.

Crucified Crow - "We're trying to feel the pain of being human through our music" Minsk, Belarus,

We Hunt Buffalo - " Rock guitar and synth sounds seeped in a copious amount of fuzz. Their catalogue is an eclectic mix, filled with hard hitting grooves and psychedelic overtones. If you like it heavy, you'll like We Hunt Buffalo." Vancouver, British Columbia.

Serpent Eater - " Black punk. Sludge." Cologne, Germany

Hogslayer - "Sludge, doom, noise." Cardiff, UK

DISCLAIMER - No animals were harmed in the recording of this show, no owls crushed, no seals clubbed, no chimps ground, and no pigs destroyed.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Blues Funeral - 'Awakening'

So we're a year on from Blues Funeral's 'The Search' and the Time Lords have awoken from their cryogenic slumber once again, to give us another demonstration of what a 70's style proto rock release should sound like.

'Awakening' sees Blues Funeral far more comfortable in its own skin, confident in the knowledge that the band had excelled in what they wanted to achieve with 'The Search.' With that album it was obvious that the band were trying REALLY hard to emulate the heavy rock sound of the pre NWOBHM days, so much so that it felt like 'The Search' was running the risk of falling apart at the seams, such were the myriad of ideas thrown into each song. To the bands credit, it didn't and it became a prime example of how to take an snapshot of music from a completely different era, done to death by numerous clones, and keep it fresh and thoroughly enjoyable to the listener.

With 'Awakening' Blues Funeral has produced an album that is far more relaxed than it's predecessor, each track seamlessly, and smoothly melds into the next. The instruments, endlessly vying for dominance on 'The Search' are allowed to compliment one another on 'Awakening', given chance to breathe, which in turn means that guitar, drums, vocals and bass and organ, are joyously entwined in a tango of glorious, prog enriched rock.

For comparison, the nearest recent release is the self titled album by Necromandus. What makes 'Awakening' so different is the diversity and willingness to experiment. The metal thread that was prominent throughout 'The Search' has been blunted a little, but stepping up to the plate we have the glowing twin guitar licks of Maurice Eggenschwiler, and Jan Kimmel, enriched by an accompaniment of swirling organ, more prominent here than on 'The Search.'

To sum up what 'Awakening' by Blues Funeral means to the modern rock scene that hankers after the vintage glory of the great late 60's,early 70's, their first release 'The Search' resuscitated the  corpse of overblown progressive hard rock, 'Awakening' however has it dancing a jig.

Friday, 4 August 2017

THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW SHOW VOL 65 - Core of Destruction radio 5/8/2017

The Shrieks From Below Show, playing on Core of Destruction Radio each Saturday @ 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 9 pm CET, 8pm UK.

Lots of new and unreleased songs today, and the usual mix of the forgotten and the waiting to be discovered. Doom, stoner, sludge and good old heavy metal, plus a rare ballad thrown in for good measure.

Thank you's this week goes to:

Jon Cox of The Asound
Jesse Vengrove of Glacier
Roberto Mura of Third I Rex Label
Stephen of The Stone Eye
C Rage records for Space Cadaver
Byron Muller of Kings of Improv

Band Order

The Asound - North Carolina doom, stoner, sludge

Glacier - " Formed in Boston in 2012, Glacier is a five piece instrumental band, whose music fully embodies their name, a crushingly loud and unrelenting force.

Row of Ashes - " This debut collection of songs share a tense atmosphere which all vary dramatically in dynamics. Owing as much to a Phil Spector style wall of undulating apocalyptic noise channelled through stack amps, as to the emotional honesty of T.S Elliot's Wasteland, it could be the sonic equivalent of watching a storm develop, destroy everything around you and finally assessing the devastation once it has passed."

Miss Lava - " The album, 'Sonic Debris' witnesses the band exploring new sonic landscapes and an open and inclusive creative process. Throughout, they design explosive sound textures,  get high on psychedelic asteroids and unleash obscure beasts. The album is a sonic voyage with a diversity beyond anything yet evidenced by the band."

The Stone Eye - " Alternative/fuzzy rock duo from Philadelphia. Catchy, fuzz filled rock without a label."

Ossasstorium - " Lithuanian death metal band"

Fattura Della Morte - Australian doom/sludge

Space Cadaver - "3-piece post metal from the blackest holes of outer space"

Kings of Improg - " Is an instrumental, progressive rock band hailing from Benoni, East of Johannesburg, South Africa. The band has been together since 2012 and blends an eclectic mix of genres from hard alternative rock, to progressive metal with blues, jazz and reggae influences, with everything in between, often describing themselves as a progressive, psychedelic, instrumental, blues rock jam band."

Montanas - " Montanas is a sludge metal band from Argentina"

Stone Angels - "Stone Angels was born from tragedy."

Black Capricorn - " Doom metal from Italy"